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Get Lucky Guitar & Vocals


Get Lucky - Daft Punk tablature
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    - >1 year

    What, the campfire singalong version? Prffff.

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    - >1 year

    Whilst this version is a long way from playing in the style of Nile Rodgers it is good for beginners and lower intermediate players to be introduced to funk and play along to a current piece of 'pop'. It is also good for learning the structure and teaching/learning how to take capo'd tab and transcribe that to the actual key thats being played.

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    - >1 year


  4. - >1 year

    @Mickaelpopo ans other users: Sorry to read that. This tab is a special arrangement specifically dedicated for guitar beginners, that can explain your disappointment, we invite you to listen to the preview prior to your purchase.If you have any questions or other remarks feel free to contact us from the contact form:

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    - >1 year

    Do listen. Do not buy. I could have done so much better for free.

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    - >1 year