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Portobello Belle Full Score


Portobello Belle - Dire Straits tablature
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    Hello MySongBook team, although the purchase of the song and the installation of the MySongbook player was really easy I have to state that I am heavily disappointed about the quality of the tab / sheet music: The notes given in the sheet music do not correspond to the notes that should be played or given in the tab, it seems that the notes do not consider that a capo has to be set on 5th fret. This would not be a big problem if the tab would be correct. However the tab are even worse than the sheet music. If I read the tab score correctly the finger position are meant relative to the capo which is on 5th fret, correct? This means that in bar 1 the notes indicated as "7" are to be played on 12th fret. In bar 20 the tab note is indicated as "14" it would mean that actually it should be played on fret 19. Sorry gentlemen, this is totally uncomfortable to play and there is a much easier way by using the higher strings. Although the cost charged for this tab are minor, I expect you to rework the tab file and send me a revised, correct version or pay back the money. BR Ernst