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Wonderful Tonight Full Score


Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton tablature
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    - 5 months

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    - >1 year

    This is not the version of Slowhand - it´s the Studio-Track - the bass, organ and Giutar is quite different! Money for nothing!!!!

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    - >1 year

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    - >1 year

    Great transcript

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    - >1 year

    dont like the drums. feels out.

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    - >1 year

    Hi, I have Guitar Pro 6 & looking for good Tabs to learn, as I don't mind paying for them when good. However, to assist reading I printed the paid copy and am disappointed as it says Full Score, I would get the beginning solo guitar, and then the Chords laid out. As I have not learnt to read music yet, I feel I will need to look somwewhere else for suitable Tabs. Or are others more suited? Thanks, Allan