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Asturias in Am for beginner (1st level) Solo Guitar


Asturias in Am for beginner (1st level) - Isaac Albeniz tablature
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Customer reviews



  1. 5

    - >1 year

    I can not access anything. have downloaded everything that is required and still nothing refund please

  2. 1

    - >1 year

    The app doesn't work and I can't read the music because it's too small. The tab seems fine but its useless if I can't read it.

  3. 5

    - >1 year

    I cannot access this music to print it off which is what I required to do. I have downloaded and installed my songbook to my Mac but still nothing. I am very disappointed and will be requesting a refund if it cannot be resolved.

  4. 5

    - >1 year

    need the whole piece, not on page. I request a refund.

  5. 5

    - >1 year

  6. 1

    - >1 year

    Not worth it. Sheet is only the intro.