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Fire and Rain Intermediate Solo Guitar


Fire and Rain - James Taylor tablature
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    - >1 year

    La présentation de mysongbook est catastrophique !! J'ai acheté plusieurs crédits pour pouvoir imprimer une tablature ("Fire and Rain" de James TAYLOR) et je n'y arrive pas! La seule chose qu'on me propose, c'est de télécharger le logiciel Guitar Pro que j'ai déjà acheté !! mais moi c'est la partition que je veux pouvoir imprimer, c'est tout !!

  2. 5

    - >1 year

    This is the stupidest service I have ever seen. I bought this tab and can open it in Guitar Pro 7, but can NOT Save it , Transpose it, Download it, Change it in any way. ??????? What exactly did I pay for?

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    - >1 year

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    - >1 year

    Dear team, I have an issue to view the tablature I bought for guitar, as it is showe for piano player. In the the preview it was fine, not not once bought. Thank you for your reply, Tonio Logiudice