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Autumn Leaves Full Score


Autumn Leaves - Joe Pass tablature
Copyright: All Rights Reserved - International Copyright Secured

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    - 8 months

    It is a very awkward process to access a purchased file. You must install a Guitar Pro (Trial Version), then open the file at the SonBook website with this GP app. You can then play along and see the music and TAB notations on your computer screen. You can also print the file directly from Guitar Pro or "Print to pdf" to make a local e-copy on your computer. There should be a more direct pdf download, avoiding the Guitar Pro sales pitch. On the positive side, the transcription to Autumn Leaves (Joe Pass) was accurate and saved me hours of labor for a very reasonable price.

  2. 1

    - 12 months

    Impossible to open purchased music on iPad pro. I am fooled by “my songbook”. “Mysongbook” sells something they do not deliver. Money back please. Íd rate mysongbook to zero out 5 possible marks.

  3. 1

    - >1 year

    Same as all the other comments.......can't download on Mac! Money back please or email PDF

  4. 1

    - >1 year

    Looks great, but can't actually download the file...... UPDATE YOUR SERVER! if you can please send me a PDF, as I have paid for this TAB

  5. 5

    - >1 year

    I have to agree with most of the previous comments !! RUBBISH !!!

  6. 5

    - >1 year

    This service is terrible. I just wanted the sheet music to a song, but I had to download their program to get it, with all the unnecessary features it has. Last time using this.

  7. 5

    - >1 year

    Complete rip off. No way to gain access to the tab after your purchase it.

  8. 5

    - >1 year

    I managed to print it after I bought it.

  9. 5

    - >1 year

    After download and installation the player all works perfect. Also printig and convert in pdf (file menue). Thank You. Helpfull stuff.

  10. 5

    - >1 year

    Very disappointed, cannot print, cannot get pdf, can only read it in your program. Feel robbed.

  11. 5

    - >1 year

    I purchased the tab but your link is doesn't work. Pls send me the HQ PDF file

  12. 5

    - >1 year

    I can't open it. I paid for this tab already. Please fix me the problem and confirm me at

  13. 5

    - >1 year

    Can hear it but can't see it. Want a .pdf I can print. Paid for the song but can't use it.

  14. 5

    - >1 year

  15. 5

    - >1 year

    As everyone else says: cant save this into GP6 it only stays in your app. Just one more ripoff. promise but do not deliver.

  16. 5

    - >1 year

    i can't download it~~

  17. 5

    - >1 year

    noelkoko is right... i want just a pdf files is it so difficult?

  18. 5

    - >1 year

    Why can't I download and keep something I paid for. Being tied to your app to play this is annoying. Also I cannot download and use it in guitar pro for iPad. Sent email, still to get a response.

  19. 5

    - >1 year

  20. 5

    - >1 year

    SInce I can't view the score on my computer I am not happy at all I mean....this is crazy....should not be so difficult

  21. 5

    - >1 year

  22. 4

    - >1 year

  23. 5

    - >1 year

  24. 5

    - >1 year

  25. 4

    - >1 year

    Great stuff ! Thank you! You can learn a lot of chord and meldoy-arrangements ! It´s not too difficult - it sounds really good.