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Come as You Are Full Score


Come as You Are - Nirvana tablature
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    - >1 year

  2. 5

    - >1 year

    Awesome tab! It sounds awesome!!!! I BEG YOU, please create "About A Girl" by "Nirvana" from ""Bleach"", and "Drain You" by "Nirvana" from "Nevermind". PLEASE!!!!! Thank you for all the tabs!

  3. 5

    - >1 year

    Good job! Please create tab of "Temple of the Dog" and more "Pearl Jam" song!!!

  4. 5

    - >1 year

  5. 5

    - >1 year

    @matt486: Thanks for your positive feedback Matt486 ! We reviewed the score and indeed the solo part needed to be slightly rectified, we kept the bridge though. It should be all good now ! Thanks for your input

  6. 4

    - >1 year

    Pretty good representation of the song overall. I'm pretty sure they got one chord in the bridge wrong, and also the solo is missing some of the top notes. The vocal track is awful but there's only so much that can be done to replicate Cobain's voice with a synth! Nice breakdown of guitar parts, this will come in very handy.