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Europa Guitar Duet


Europa - Santana tablature
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    - >1 year

    This say's it is a duet, but I only see parts for one guitar, and it looks pretty much like the full score - so where is the music for the second guitar, or am I missing something ? I'll be happy to update my rating if someone can help me understand how this is acutally a duet. (I did purchase this by the way, as well as the full score ...)

  2. 5

    - >1 year

    This is shit. You can pay it, but you can not save it at your own library. You can't even print it out the way you like it. So you have to print it out and put in in manually, so you can arange it the way you like it. What a drag. I wil think twice before buying again.

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    - >1 year

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    - >1 year