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Reelin' In the Years Full Score


Reelin' In the Years - Steely Dan tablature
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    - >1 year

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    - >1 year

    It sucks ! Are you kidding me!!! I do not want to do gymnastics just to see a tab along with the score . cancel my registrart!ion

  3. 5

    - >1 year

    All the parts seem to be fairly accurate and the effects and tracks are balanced well. Good job!

  4. 5

    - >1 year

    Steely Dan... YES!!!!!! Thank you for the excellent transcription. I'd hope mySongBook plans to release more Steely Dan songs soon. How about: Do It Again, Bodhisattva, My Old School, King Of The World, Pretzel Logic, Your Gold Teeth II, Kid Charlemagne, Green Earrings, Aja and Josie. This makes my week. - regards, Andrew