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Pride and Joy Full Score


Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan tablature
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  1. 1

    - >1 year

    no tab :(

  2. 5

    - >1 year

    Not user friendly to new comers

  3. 5

    - >1 year

    Ok its fine if I can find the damn thing

  4. 5

    - >1 year

    If I cant' save the files and modify them it's not very useful. Sorry.

  5. 5

    - >1 year

  6. 5

    - >1 year

  7. 5

    - >1 year

    This is great!!!

  8. 5

    - >1 year

    Pretty Good.

  9. 5

    - >1 year

    @erik.david.hemrick: Hi, can you please make sure that you well selected the guitar track and not the vocal track at the bottom of the window ? If you still need help with this feel free to contact our support from the contact page.

  10. 1

    - >1 year

    When I open it there is no tablature displayed, just musical notes.

  11. - >1 year

    When I paid for the score and down loaded the font was all messed up could not read it so . I sent a email . they want me to attach the file so their team can trouble shoot well it wont let you attach a file for email . I won't buy another score until they got this issue correct .

  12. 1

    - >1 year

    I am unimpress in that one cannot save the scores that have been purchased. This is not what I consider an upgrade, but a gimmick that I would rather be able to roll back to the previous version and do without. Printing is also crippled, documentation is non-existant. Not my idea of a good product, sorry.

  13. 5

    - >1 year