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About Arobas Music and mySongBook

Arobas Music consists first and foremost in a team of dedicated musicians and developers, all of them enthusiastic about musical edition. The company was created in 1997 by two guitarists, and is based in Lille, in the North of France. In 14 years, we have never stopped developing the potential of Guitar Pro, to make it a fun and high-performance program.

In a few years’ time, Guitar Pro has become the standard reference format for guitar-tablature scores on the Internet. Our millions of users can therefore compose their own music and exchange scores that are almost universally compatible.

However, the fact that one can find all over the Internet so many inaccurate or unfinished scores that are incompatible with our RSE sound engine, and which are furthermore illegal, has led us to set up our own 100% Guitar-Pro-compatible score offer. Thus is mySongBook born.

A first-class score library, directly integrated into the most powerful score-editing program of its generation.