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The Guitar Pro Tabs Project

Are you tired of spending time on the Internet and only finding scores of poor quality? With the portal mySongBook, get access to music scores that are 100% legal, Guitar-Pro certified, and absolutely accurate.  

What is new with tablature in mySongBook:

-    Scores written by professional musicians: All of the available tabs have been written by the Guitar Pro artistic team.  

-    Accurate transcriptions of the originals: Most often, the tabs one can find on the Internet are faulty and incomplete. mySongBook offers you tab transcriptions that faithfully and accurately reproduce your favourite works for guitar, ukulele, and banjo.

-    Exclusive arrangements: Our musicians have specially written arrangements that you can find nowhere else. Guitarists can get their kicks playing "Hit the Road Jack", "Angie", "Stairway to Heaven", and for the ukulele: "Hotel California", "Blackbird", and many others.

-    For all levels: No matter what your technical level is (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), our tagging system will allow you to see beforehand how difficult any given piece is, and thus to select the scores the most suited to your playing technique. For beginners, the chord diagrams and fingering patterns have been added to the scores.

-    Practicing alone or with a band: From scores for guitar and voice to the "full score" format including up to ten tracks and transcribing every instrumental track in the original pieces, you'll find everything — Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, ukulele, voices! If you wish to play a piece as though you were in a band, you can isolate any track to practice playing and singing over the original music. You can also change the tempo at will with no loss of sound quality.

    From Nirvana to Led Zeppelin or Django Reinhardt, take up the challenge.